Why Philosophy?
We are all Philosophers

We all ask ourselves questions about what is fair, beautiful, good, and true. We all think about what we truly want out of life and what we have a right to expect from others. Children, in particular, are full of philosophical questions about why things are the way they are. Often, adults feel they should be able to answer these questions, but find that they aren’t really sure why people die or why we are all here.

Questions may have no definitive answers

Why is that good news? Because we can spend our lives exploring possible answers, and in the process, find out a lot about who we are. Exploring these questions together through discussion is a profoundly humanizing experience that allows us to form connections across the barriers that seem to divide us. It can bring families and communities closer together. In fact, our online programs bring people together from around the world.

We don’t lecture about philosophy; we explore philosophical questions

Fifty years of research and practice in more than sixty countries tells us that doing philosophy together can make us more thoughtful, engaged citizens and help us to lead more fulfilling lives.It has also been shown to improve academic performance in all fields, including STEM, promote social and emotional growth, and it’s great for kids’ brain development.

“I came for the fandom and fell in love with the philosophy.”

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