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June 5


01:00 am

Morning ChatsIn Partnership with the Longmont Senior Services: Connect with others and expand your mind by joining Grey Havens Philosophy for fascinating conversations online every other week via Zoom. This is the perfect chance for you to talk deeply about things that matter to you and your community. Feel free to bring a question, issue, or idea to discuss related to the main topic of the week. These discussions are part of the Grey Havens Philosophy 2020-2021 Ethics Initiative and are facilitated by Robyn Bosica. All generations welcome, invite your kids and grandkids!Register in advance by calling 303-651-8411 or using the City’s online registration system: proceeds benefit Grey Havens Philosophy and the Longmont Senior Center.

Date: Every Other FridayTime: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Cost: $2.00 Resident, $3.00 Non-Resident

Registration for June/July/August classes begins on May 17.
Identity & Time
Friday, June 11

Registration #384438.01
How do you define who you are? Are you the sum of all your parts, or is there more to it? Are there parts you’d leave out? Let’s consider the ship of Theseus – if all your parts were changed and replaced over time, would you still be you? We’ll talk more about this thought experiment in the discussion.

Food & Identity
Date: Friday, June 25

Registration #384438.02
Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain once said, “The way you make an omelet reveals your character.” Is this true? What can we learn about people by eating their food? What about ourselves– are we what we eat? How does the food you eat, the food you make, or the food of your ancestors play a role in your identity?

Media & Consumption
Date: Friday, July 9

Registration #384438.03 
What are the responsibilities of the media? Do storytellers have certain ethical obligations, even when their story is fiction? What about on the part of the consumer – how responsible are we for what we choose to watch and how we perceive it?

Fear & Control
Date: Friday, August 6

Registration #384438.04  
We know there was a basic need for fear in early humans – fear kept us alive. Is there a benefit to fear nowadays? How can fear help us, can we control it, and how can we let go of it when it’s no longer necessary?

Deconstructing & Why
Date: Friday, August 20
Registration #384438.05  
One of the earliest questions a child asks is, “Why?” At some point in your life, did you ever get comfortable and stop asking? What happens when you start again, when you begin to deconstruct the beliefs and worldviews that surround you? Postmodern philosophy is all about breaking down the systems that bind us and finding a new way forward, holding on loosely. Have you experienced that before? Let’s talk about the times we stopped and asked, “Why?”

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