Millions of Star Trek Fans Can’t Be All Wrong!


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Yesterday, we listened to a lot of Bruce Springsteen during the three-hour drive home from telling some wonderful librarians about our young adult fandom group, Grey Havens YA, and our relationship with Longmont Public Library. I was in the passenger’s seat so I decided to look up novelist Nick Hornby’s essay on Springsteen. It contains this thought about works like Springsteen songs and Hornby novels that are condemned by critics because of their popularity: “…sometimes it’s hard to remember that a lot of people liking what you do doesn’t necessarily mean that what you do is of no value whatsoever. Indeed, sometimes it might even suggest the opposite.”

At Grey Havens YA, we know that being loved by many does not make something trivial. The things is to love what you love but also engage with it critically. As geeks and nerds, that is what we do. We can love art celebrated by millions, like Star Trek, and art that is so obscure you probably haven’t heard of it. What do you think?

You can hear directly from the young members of Grey Havens YA about how they engage with fan culture at the Real Myth and Mithril Symposium. in Niwot, Colorado on April 25-26. Register today! 

Making the Magic of Grey Havens Available to the Next Generation: Meet Robyn Bosica at the Real Myth Symposium

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About Robyn Bosica:

Robyn Bosica is the volunteer Co-Director of Grey Havens YA and currently resides in Frederick, Colorado. Robyn has been working with young adults in community events, theater programs, and service trips since 2008, and she is thrilled to be a part of a group as awesome as Grey Havens YA. For her work, she received the City of Longmont’s 2014 “Make Time for Kids Award” last November. Robyn holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and Writing from Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland. Her particular interests include creative nonfiction, science fiction, and the intermingling of literature and identity. An avid Tolkien-fan from the age of eleven, Robyn seeks to encourage the next generation of young adults to follow their nerdy passions and engage in the kind of world-building imagination that shines light into life’s darker moments. Robyn blogs about those moments, along with faith, grief, and beauty at her personal site, Chased by Light.

Robyn Bosica will be co-moderating a panel on Grey Havens YA and youth in nerd culture. Under her direction, Grey Havens YA will also present a series of Fandom Classes, a fandom-themed skit and a cosplay fashion show. The fashion show is open to all ages you can sign up here. Here is a brief description of the youth panel.

In October, 2013 the Grey Havens Group launched its young adult chapter, Grey Havens YA, a creative group for students in grades 6-12. These self-proclaimed young geeks and nerds meet once a week to discuss science fiction and fantasy, to work on creative projects, and to talk about what it is like growing up around muggles. Grey Havens YA has adopted as its slogan Wil Wheaton’s declaration that “being a nerd is not about what you love; it’s about how you love it.” At this panel, moderated by Co-Directors Robyn Bosica and Kelly Cowling, you’ll get to hear from the members themselves about what it means for young people to have a place where they never have to be afraid to show their enthusiasm for reading, critical thinking, and all things “nerdy.” 

If you’d like to know more about Grey Havens YA’s impact before you come, check out this story by one of our members and this essay from one of our parents. You can also visit the testimonials page on our website.

Register for Real Myth and Mithril: Delving into Fantasy Literature before April 1 to get the best deal on both days of the symposium. Space is limited.