The Art of Geekiness: Geek Fair 2015

This post is going to be full of fabulous photos of art and of the art of cosplay but, trust us, seeing the art and meeting the artist for yourself will be much better! When we began organizing Geek Fair 2015 as part of the Longmont Museum’s Cultural Resources Fair, we knew that we would get a chance to meet some very talented geeks, even geeks who live and work in our own community, but we weren’t truly prepared for the depth and diversity we would find. There is much geek power along the Front Range!


All hail the geeks of Colorado!

We are very proud to announce that one of our remarkable guests at Geek Fair 2015 will be professional artist and cosplayer Heather Martin. Heather attended her first convention in 1996 dressed as Devil Hunter Yohko, and loved it!  Since then she has won several awards for her costume work. Heather attained Master rank in 1998, and has been a cosplay panelist, guest and judge at conventions throughout the country. In 2000 she was hired as the official spokesmodel of the comic book and anime distribution company SyCoNet. Currently Heather creates artwork together with her husband Jason as his colorist, and is an artist in her own right. She has worked for Sony Entertainment’s videogame department, Marvel, Image, Google, and her color work has appeared in numerous publications worldwide.

Here are more photos of Heather’s inspired cosplay:


How will Heather Martin appear to us at Geek Fair 2015? She is a very versatile cosplayer so we can’t know for sure but she has promised to display some of her artwork. If you love fandom art as much as we do, you will want to stop by Heather’s exhibit. Heather and her work represent everything that Geek Fair is about–imagination, creativity and confidence.



Don’t miss the chance to meet Heather Martin without having to fight your way through the crowds at a con and don’t forget that cosplay is encouraged for everyone at Geek Fair 2015! Allons-y!


Boufallant Gijinka, Team Magma, Melisandre and Eva photos courtesy of Jason P. Martin:

Geek Fair is happening on Sunday, September 20 from 1:30-4:30 p.m. at the Longmont Museum Cultural Resources Fair, 400 Quail Road in Longmont. Read more about it here! Come along and invite your geeky friends!

A Note on our Keynote Speakers

On Saturday and Sunday, April 25 and 26, the Grey Havens Group will be hosting its symposium, Real Myth and Mithril: Delving into Fantasy Literature. We have been fortunate to attract some impressive talent to this event. There will be fascinating scholars, gifted authors, dedicated musicians, audacious cosplayers and even a daring troupe of stage combat performers.

Of course, one of the key draws to any symposium or conference is the keynote speaker. At Real Myth and Mithril, we will have, not one, but two distinguished scholars sharing the podium. Here is more about the scholars who will be honoring us with their insights.

Dr. Leslie Taylor: 

Leslie Taylor’s research interests include mythology, theology and poetry.  She has published on a variety of topics including the logos tomeus metaphor in ancient literature and the influential philosopher Boethius.  As a college Lecturer, Leslie has developed and taught Honors seminars on the Epic Tradition and the Legacy of Alexandria (Egypt).  She first fell in love with the Finnish epic, Kalevala, during an extended trip to Finland, and is enthusiastic to introduce this wonderful epic to a wider audience.  Since January 2014, Taylor has published two novellas, The Haunting Game and The Stillness in which she incorporates Owen Barfield’s theories of figuration and consciousness.

Dr. Jefferey Taylor: 

Jefferey H. Taylor is a Professor of English at Metropolitan State University of Denver where he teaches Shakespeare, Old English, and a senior seminar on Tolkien & the Oxford Inklings.  His main research focus lies in demonstrating the evolution of consciousness through shifts in theatricality and allegory in the Medieval and Renaissance periods.  He has presented papers at the Owen Barfield Society meetings the past two years and will chair the session this year.  He is obsessed with all things Icelandic, especially the post-rock music of this past decade and the many hot-springs throughout the country.  Both Jefferey and Leslie Taylor are esteemed advisors to the Owen Barfield Literary Estate.

Saturday’s speech is titled: “The Rags of Lordship: Postmodern Light from Tolkien and Barfield”

Sunday’s speech is titled: “None Has Ever Caught Him Yet: Bombadil, Gandalf, & The Kalevala”

Click on this link to register for Real Myth and Mithril. If you register before April 1, both days are only $15! You have the option of paying online or at the door.