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Geek Philosophy is a discussion-based podcast from the directors of Grey Havens Group, Inc., a non-profit organization that hosts philosophical discussions for people of all ages. We start each episode with a geeky topic, but we never know where we’re going to go! It could be Middle-earth, or Magrathea, or somewhere completely new. Along the way, we’ll take you through our unique “Geek Philosophy” method for exploring big ideas through literature and popular culture. We’ll also hear from geeks and nerds about fandoms they love and and why, because being a nerd is not about what you love, it’s about #HowULoveIt. Won’t you come along? Join the conversation by emailing Listen to new podcasts every other Thursday.


A segment of the podcast in which we share YOUR stories about a fandom you love and why. Send us a brief voice message about a fandom that ignites and inspire you, and we’d love to share it on the podcast. Email

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Geek Philosophy Teaser

Want to find out more about what our discussions are like or how we can possibly get philosophical about our favorite fandoms? Join us as we think creatively and critically about the stories we love, and send in your own thoughts and questions!

Episode 1 – Fantasy and Recovery

In the premiere episode of Geek Philosophy, Kelly and Robyn talk about the principle of Recovery (a term coined by J.R.R. Tolkien) and how fantasy can help us. They also discuss the beauty and truth found in the respite chapter “Lothlorien” from The Fellowship of the Ring.

Episode 2 – Geekiness & Healing

Personal stories and character arcs intertwine in this second installment of our 3-part Lord of the Rings series. Kelly and Robyn geek out about Faramir while discussing “The Houses of Healing” and “The Steward and the King” from The Return of the King. Also in this episode: the principle of Geekiness, the foundation of Geek Philosophy.

Episode 3 – Sharkey & Wholeness

In this final episode of the three-part Lord of the Rings series, Kelly and Robyn discuss the Scouring of The Shire. What can we learn from the final conversation between Frodo and Saruman? How is Frodo Great? Is Wormtongue’s death tragic? Tune in to this week’s episode to hear more!

Episode 4 – Nerds & Nostalgia

In this week’s episode, Robyn sits down with friend of Grey Havens, Devon Towry, to discuss nerdiness and nostalgia. Is nostalgia in movies and television shows good or bad? Does it matter? How does it influence nerd culture? Join the conversation by emailing

Episode 5 – Death and Regeneration

Join Kelly and Robyn as they begin their 3-part discussion series on Doctor Who by contemplating one central fact about the Doctor: He (or She!) Regenerates. What would it be like to regenerate? If regeneration were possible, how would it influence personal identity and purpose? Is the Doctor’s fear of regeneration a fear of change or a fear of not existing? As always, listen in to find out more about the Geek Philosophy facilitation technique, including the use of florilegia to spark discussion and interaction with a text.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this podcast are personal and do not represent the views of Grey Havens Group, Inc as an organization.

Episode 6 – Relationships and TARDIS Companions


Join Kelly and Robyn for the second part of their Doctor Who series as they discuss some of their favorite companions. What must it be like to be a companion? What impact do companions have on the Doctor  and vice-versa? How does this connect to our relationships with each other? Join our community of inquiry by sending your thoughts to Remember, it’s about #HowULoveIt

Geek Philosophy is produced by Sawyer Macres.
Music by Jeff the Smith: @jeffthesmith
Consultant: Joe Ashworth

Geek Philosophy is produced by Sawyer Macres. 

Music by Jeff the Smith: 

Consultant: Joe Ashworth