The Geek Philosophy Podcast

The Geek Philosophy Podcast is a biweekly conversation with the directors of Grey Havens Group, Inc. Want to find out more about what our discussions are like or how we can possibly get philosophical about our favorite fandoms? Join us every other Thursday as we think creatively and critically about the stories we love, and send in your own thoughts and questions! We’d love to hear from you. Email us (or send us a voice message) at geekphilosophy@greyhavensgroup.org.

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A segment of the podcast in which we share YOUR stories about a fandom you love and why. Send us a brief voice message about a fandom that ignites and inspire you, and we’d love to share it on the podcast. Email geekphilosophy@greyhavensgroup.org


Episode 1 – Fantasy and Recovery

In the premiere episode of Geek Philosophy, Kelly and Robyn talk about the principle of Recovery (a term coined by J.R.R. Tolkien) and how fantasy can help us. They also discuss the beauty and truth found in the respite chapter “Lothlorien” from The Fellowship of the Ring.

Geek Philosophy is produced by Sawyer Macres. 

Music by Jeff the Smith: https://soundcloud.com/jeffthesmith 

Consultant: Joe Ashworth