PiPS for Business

Businesses that are open to the public already benefit from the thoughtful, open-minded customers who attend our philosophy discussions at their locations. Did you know that Philosophy in Public Spaces also has benefits for any type of business or industry?

No prior philosophy experience is required for PiPS business discussions, just a willingness to bring a new and profound way of learning to your workplace!


Whether they take place during lunch hour, a training, an office party, or a corporate retreat, PiPS discussions:

  • Encourage creative and critical thinking, including innovative and holistic approaches to work and life
  • Encourage enthusiastic problem-solving
  • Reinvigorate the commitment to work by reminding colleagues of the personal and ideological reasons they entered their field in the first place
  • Help colleagues learn to synthesize opposing ideas rather than simply disagreeing
  • Provide an opportunity unlike any other for colleagues to get to know each other and bond
  • Are always thought-provoking, moving, and even hilarious!

To learn more or to schedule a PiPS discussion for your workplace, contact Kelly Cowling at 720-224-3804 or greyhavensgroup@gmail.com. Discussions are available all along the Front Range.