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Friday Groups

First Friday: Philosophy & Science Fiction- Once a month, we discuss the big questions raised by popular science fiction. Past themes have included time travel, psychedelic drugs, body-swapping, and transporter technology. You can also join us for our Science Fiction Lunch on the second Friday of the month at 12:30 p.m. or Time Lord Lunch on the third Friday of the month. 

Second Friday: Philosophy & Fantasy- Once a month, we discuss the big questions raised by popular fantasy fiction. No philosophical or magical experience required. 
Third Friday: Friday Philosophy- Join us once a month to discuss an everyday topic through a philosophical lens. Past topics included the imagination, food, death and dying, and dreams. No philosophical experience required.
Fourth Friday: Random Fandom Friday-  Join Grey Havens Philosophy to discuss the deeper side of your favorite fandoms! Long-time fans and newcomers are welcome to join.
Wednesday Groups

Second Wednesday:  Philosophy & Film- Seen any good movies lately? Movies are one of the ways most of us explore big ideas. Join us once a month to talk about the big ideas in the films that make us think.  
Third Wednesday: Contemplative Reading- A secualr exploration of words using practices from many different traditions. 
Fourth Wednesday: Animé Club for Adults-  An online meetup for adults interested in sharing and discussing animé.

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