Grey Havens Philosophy is Longmont, Colorado’s answer to the international movement known as P4C or Philosophy for Children and Communities. P4C was developed in 1969 by philosopher Matthew Lipman who recognized that children as young as three are natural philosophers. (Just think how often kids ask “why?”) Later, Ann Margaret Sharp would become instrumental in refining and growing the P4C movement. 

  • P4C is taught to people of every generation in more than 60 countries. Grey Havens Philosophy is making philosophical thinking part of the everyday life of our community!
  • P4C brings philosophy to everyone by creating conversations that use everyday language to talk about profound philosophical questions such as “What is beauty?” “What would a truly ethical society look like?” “What does it mean to be a good person?”  
  • Grey Havens Philosophy brings philosophy to schools, libraries, museums, art galleries, senior centers, parks, and even your favorite restaurants and watering holes.
  • Our discussions are inspired by picture books, games, visual and performing arts, music, literature, nature, and popular culture.


Why do you need philosophy in your life and community? Here are some of the benefits!

For Kids and Teens:

The results of more than 50 years of research and practice tell us that P4C helps young people to:

  • Do better in school in all subject areas, including STEM
  • Develop emotional intelligence and maturity
  • Become more resistant to high-risk behaviors and extremist views
  • Articulate their own values
  • Empathize with others and express ideas from their points of view
  • Develop respect for the ideas of others 
  • Develop meaningful friendships
  • Prepare themselves to participate in democracy
  • Become thoughtful, ethical leaders
  • Develop an ongoing sense of wonder about the world!

Philosophy is invaluable for adults, too, and our intergenerational discussions are the perfect opportunity for people to share profound ideas across generational divides. We also teach families to bring philosophy into their everyday lives. We believe that from the moment you first ask “why?” you should never stop asking questions.

Here are some of our programs:

  • Grey Havens YA: a weekly book and philosophy discussion group for young adults in 6th-12th grade. 
  • Prefects and Junior Prefects: Harry Potter and Philosophy discussions for ages 8-18
  • Weekly Middle School Philosophy Discussions at Crossroads Alternative School
  • Philosophy of Hope at HOPE for Longmont’s shelter for the homeless
  • Intergenerational Philosophy Discussions at Longmont Senior Center
  • Monthly Lunchtime Philosophy Café at Flavor of India on Main St. in Longmont
  • Animé and Philosophy Discussion for Adults at Longmont Library
  • Think and Drink Philosophy Discussions at popular watering holes 
  • Girls’ and Women’s Philosophy Café
  • Thinking Games Workshops and Day Camps for Kids and Teens
  • Family Philosophy Workshops
  • Seasonal Programs like Longmont Thinks! Month in April and Summer of the Mind
  • Facilitator Training: We teach people from all walks of life to facilitate philosophy discussions!
  • We can also bring philosophy to your business, community group, or neighborhood!

Other Benefits:

For Families: Philosophy strengthens families by creating meaningful connections while allowing kids to develop necessary critical thinking skills.

For Communities: Philosophy encourages people to participate in civil discourse and take an active role in their community.

Philosophy is a beautiful thing to do for its own sake. We all ask questions about the universe and face tough decisions in our lives. Coming together to talk about these things is a profoundly humanizing and fulfilling experience. 

Take a look at some of our stories to learn more about how philosophy is positively impacting lives then join us for a discussion or event so that you can be part of all this! You can also support our work here!

Thinking together makes our community better!

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