Fandoms Unite!

At Grey Havens, we believe in fostering community and embracing the imagination. One of the ways we do that is through our Fandoms Unite programming. These interactive, multi-fandom events bring children and teens together through the power of shared experience. Also available for families and adults! Read more about how we believe Trivia isn’t Trivial, and check out our different programming options below. To bring Fandoms Unite to a community near you, email us at For updates about Fandoms Unite Programming, subscribe to our Geeky Families Newsletter and Like us on Facebook.

Because we are a growing non-profit, an honorarium is always appreciated for our programming, and we are quite sure it’ll be worth it for you and the children and young adults in your community.

What is Fandoms Unite?

A typical Fandoms Unite is night (or afternoon) of trivia, sing-alongs, caption contests, and other fun nerdy adventures. We often do general nerdy trivia that encompasses all the Fandoms, or sometimes we do trivia specific to one particular fandom, such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Doctor Who. In addition, our other themes include:

Fandom Theater aka Geek Out Theatre- A fun time of acting that involves improv with fandom characters, scenes from our favorite movies and television shows, tongue-twisters (like saying Raxicalicofalipitoris five times fast), warm-ups, and the Nerd Circle. 

Fitness for Nerds aka Fandom Fitness- A fun time working up a sweat in all the nerdiest of ways, such as Star Wars Yoga, dancing like the Doctor, running after the TARDIS, dancing like Baby Groot, dragon training, and lots more dancing!

Interactive Viewings- If you have the rights to show it, we can make it interactive! Past events include Interactive Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, The Force Awakens, and episodes of Doctor Who. We’ll provide a script of fun things to shout and our props include socks, solo cups, paper cutouts, and easter eggs–lots of easter eggs. 

Fanfiction Workshop- Be inspired as we talk about the power of Fanfiction, discuss some how-to’s of writing, and practice some writing prompts in a collaborative and safe community. 

Tabletop Games and/or Roleplay Night! Any games that our young adults want to play.  We can also host a campaign for a roleplay, including new games and worlds created by Grey Havens YA teens. We guarantee you that this will be a fun night!

Harry Potter Parties – Wizard Rock, captions contests, and Yule Ball and Death Day festivities. Note– we can turn any fandom into a party!

Fandom Classes Our Grey Havens YA members put together presentations to educate the public about their fandoms. Topics include: Galifreyan, Fandom Terms, the Star Trek Universe, Surviving Your First Con, How to Play Magic the Gathering, Theories of Time Travel, Anime and Their Voice Actors, and more!20140614_185119

Cosplay Basics – Want to learn how to look like your favorite character? Not sure how to Cosplay when you only have what’s already in your closet? Just interested in nerdy costumes in general? You’ll love our Cosplay Basics event.

We are always up for a challenge, and we would be happy to work with you to provide something new, even if it’s not something we’ve done before.

Let us know how we can help you celebrate geek culture in your community, and be sure to bookmark our site and Like us on Facebook to keep up with our latest events and insights. Remember: Being a nerd is not about what you love, it’s about how you love it!