Donation Levels

Visit our Contribute Page for the most in-depth information. Thank you!

Supporting the The Grey Havens Group, Inc. with a monthly subscription allows us to receive revenue that we can rely on each month. We will put that revenue to use for YOU, our young adults, and the entire community. We have a busy annual schedule of book discussions and literacy programming. Your contribution will support all our efforts, including certifying more volunteers to promote our values of literacy, imagination, community and inclusion!

The Grey Havens Group, Inc. is now a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization registered with the IRS and your donations are tax-deductible. You are welcome to give however you see fit and PayPal will give you that option, but we’ve offered these levels listed here as a nerdy guideline for you:

Tom Bombadil Level, $3 a month

Gimli and Legolas Level, $5 a month

Merry and Pippin Level, $10 a month

Aragorn Level, $20 a month

Gandalf Level, $25 a month

Ringbearer Level, $50 a month

You can cancel your subscription at any time. For more information, contact us or email

Please visit our Contribute Page and check back often for additional ways you can support Grey Havens Group, Inc.’s mission of literacy*imagination*community*inclusion with, not only monetary donations, but donations of time, supplies, testimonials, ideas and inspiration! Thank you!

More about the Grey Havens Group:

The purpose of the Grey Havens Group is to support literacy and imagination in our community and beyond. We believe that imagination and creativity are vital components of personal and community growth.

Your membership dollars support the literacy mission of The Grey Havens Group, including Grey Havens YA, a book group for young adults. YA members are encouraged to approach literature thoughtfully, to create original content for online and print publications and to host literacy-themed events that they design with support from GHG volunteers. Our YA members are readers, writers, artists, performers, filmmakers and much more. They are also encouraged to spark the imaginations of others by launching new YA chapters both within and beyond their own community.

The Grey Havens Group hosts numerous literacy-themed events throughout the year at free and low-cost venues. We host Fandoms Unite! and Fandom Theater, both creative celebrations of science fiction/fantasy culture for young adults in grades 6-12.

The Grey Havens Group also promotes creativity and scholarship amongst our adult members, many of whom have been recognized nationally and internationally for their work. We host panel discussions, lectures, celebratory events and an annual symposium for readers of all ages.

If you are not interested in becoming a member of our fellowship, please consider making a donation to support both our ongoing education and outreach and our periodic community events.