Donation Levels

donna mapSupporting Grey Havens Group, Inc. with a monthly subscription allows us to receive revenue that we can rely on each month. We have a busy schedule of philosophy discussions, literature-based camps, and special events. Your contribution will support all our efforts!

All donations are tax-deductible.

We’ve offered the levels listed here to make monthly giving easy. (Did you know that our name is taken from a location in Tolkien’s Middle-earth? Our donation levels are Tolkien-inspired, too?)

Gimli and Legolas Level, $5 a month

Merry and Pippin Level, $10 a month

Aragorn Level, $20 a month

Gandalf Level, $25 a month

Ringbearer Level, $50 a month

You can cancel your subscription at any time. For more information, contact us or email

Please visit our Contribute Page and check back often for additional ways you can support Grey Havens Group, Inc.’s mission of literacy, imagination, community, and inclusion with, not only monetary donations, but donations of time, supplies, testimonials, ideas and inspiration! Thank you!