“Diagnosing Sherlock” with Dr. Elisha Conant

From Grey Havens Group’s Real Myth and Mithril: Delving into Fantasy Literature, April 25, 2015:

Elisha Conant, doctor of psychology, dissects Conan Doyle’s classical Sherlock Holmes figure. Is he on the spectrum, a sociopath or just an ingenious Victorian gentleman?
Find out in this fascinating lecture by one of our brilliant Grey Haveners!

A Discussion About World-Building with Authors Stant Litore and T L Morganfield

From Grey Havens Group’s Real Myth and Mithril, Delving into Fantasy Literature, April 25, 2015:

Stant Litore and TL Morganfield are authors of the Zombie Bible Series and the Bone Flower Series. One set of stories is set in various parts of the world, re-telling biblical stories from a spiritual zombie apocalyptic point of view, the other set of stories is Aztec Fantasy, re-telling Mesoamerican myth from a feminist perspective. Both authors showcase tremendous knowledge and richness of detail in their respective work. The Grey Havens Group was curious to know how they worked on their world building and wanted an in depth discussion and dialogue with these two author friends of the group about their writing. Enjoy!

Authors Among Us!

The Grey Havens Group has always been privileged to have access to a diverse pool of talented writers. Partake of their authorly wisdom at the Writers’ Panel at the Real Myth Symposium, April 25-26 in Niwot, Colorado. 

Panel Description

This panel of of writers will be discussing  topics such as the creative process of writing and the multifaceted road to publication. What pitfalls should be avoided during the creative process? How important is it to find an agent? Is self-publishing a viable option? Topics such as self-motivation, story telling tricks, networking, mentors and simply finding your own time to write among jobs, life and family obligations, will be discussed. The fascinating writers who will be featured in this panel are Stant Litore and T.L. Morganfield, Richard Estep, Kathryn Ohnaka, Roger Echo Hawk, Clay Evans, Marie Kaufman and Ivan Granger.

Richard Estep

Richard Estep

A Briton who relocated to Longmont in 1999, Richard Estep makes his living as a paramedic, clinical educator, and author. In his spare time, Richard is the Director of the Boulder County Paranormal Research Society, which investigates claims of paranormal activity on both sides of the Atlantic. His first book, “Haunted Longmont,” will be published by History Press/Arcadia on August 24th of this year. It will be followed by his autobiography, “In Search of the Paranormal,” published by Llewellyn on September 8th. He is currently working on his third book, “The World’s Most Haunted Hospitals,” currently under contract with New Page books for a January 2016 publication. When not writing, he loves to read, and build an obscene amount of Lego.

Clay Evans

Clay Evans

Clay Bonnyman Evans is a freelance journalist and writer. He grew up in Boulder and in the midst of a checkered college career spent six years working as a cowboy around the American West. Upon graduation, he returned to his first love, journalism, and he has worked at such publications as the Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register and Daily Camera (Boulder). He graduated from the Clarion West Writer’s Workshop in 1997 and has published two books, a memoir, “I See By your Outfit,” and a children’s picture book, “The Winter Witch.” His work has been published in such diverse publications as the Denver Post, Outside Magazine, New Mexico magazine, Truthout and the Princeton Alumni Weekly. He is currently working on a book that begins with the story of his grandfather, who was killed in World War II and posthumously received the Medal of Honor. lives in Niwot with his wife, three dogs and two cats.

Marie Kaufmann

Marie Kaufman

Marie Kaufman is a writer and an educator. Her novel-in-progress, A Thin Veil, began as a creative project in graduate school. The work is a multi-generational drama, which moves its protagonists from 1940s Burlesque through 1960s Black Power in Chicago. Marie teaches English and Literature at Skyline High School and lives with her son, who is lucky enough to be a Grey Havens YA member, in Longmont, Colorado.

Roger Echo-Hawk


Roger Echo-Hawk is a writer and artist who lives at the far western edge of the ancient Pawnee homeland, north of the Mountain That Touches the Sky.

Ivan M. Granger


Ivan M. Granger is a poet and modern mystic. He is the founder and editor of the Poetry Chaikhana, an online resource for the exploration of sacred poetry from the world’s great spiritual traditions. His poetry and translations have been published in Real Thirst: Poetry of the Spiritual Journey (Poetry Chaikhana), For Lovers of God Everywhere: Poems of Christian Mystics (Hay House, ed. Roger Housden), and Poems of Awakening (Outskirts Press, ed. Betsy Small). He is the editor of The Longing in Between: Sacred Poetry from Around the World (Poetry Chaikhana). Mr. Granger lives in Colorado.

Kathryn Ohnaka


Kathryn Ohnaka is a writer and teacher. After living in Japan, she moved to northern Colorado, where she lives with her husband and daughters.  She is a member of the Northern Colorado Writer’s Workshop.  She’s been published by Shock Totem, Untreed Reads and Colorado State University. When she doesn’t take care of her children, teach other people’s children basic things, avoid horrible video game monsters and save the world in D&D campaigns, she does love to write. Her very distinct prose is full of dark poetry and she transcends genres such as horror, alternative fiction and Science Fiction.  Find out more about her atwww.kathrynohnaka.com

T.L. Morganfield

T.L. Morganfield

T. L. Morganfield lives in Colorado with her husband and children. She’s an alumna of the Clarion West Workshop and she graduated from Metropolitan State University with dual degrees in English and History. She reads and writes way too much about Aztec history and mythology, but it keeps her muse happy, which makes for a happy writer, so she has no plans of changing her ways.

Stant Litore


Stant Litore is the author of The Zombie Bible series and the Ansible Stories. He has an intense love of ancient languages, a fierce admiration for his ancestors, and a fascination with religion and history. He doesn’t consider his writing a vocation; he considers it an act of survival. Litore lives in Colorado with his wife and two daughters and is at work on his next book.
An emerging voice in weird fiction, Stant Litore has published five volumes of The Zombie Bible, which retell history (and the Bible) as a series of encounters with the restless dead; the first, Death Has Come Up into Our Windows, has been translated into several languages, including Spanish and German. His debut novel was also the #2 horror bestseller on the Amazon Kindle in December 2011. His second novel won second place in the 2012 eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards, Horror.

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