Preview Some of the Art that Will Be Featured at Real Myth and Mithril

The talented Sae Lokason has donated this extraordinary illustration for sale at Real Myth and Mithril. That means you can own it, folks!


You can’t have this piece, though, because it is all ours! We are planning to hang it at all of our events!

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You can find Sae’s website here and buy other pieces from the Etsy store, Lokason Illustrations. Visit the store to check out the photo of Sae’s adorable assistant. Stay for the extraordinary art. Thank you, Sae, for being a part of Real Myth and Mithril!

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Meet our Real Myth Art Exhibit Curator

donna shock art

Donna Clement in Her Own Words: 

“I have been very fortunate to be able to work in the field of art my entire career. I earned my BFA at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and my MA at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. My Thesis is titled, Teaching Adult Students Who Are Apprehensive About Making Art.  I worked for 18 years as the set designer and head scenic artist at Boulder’s Dinner Theatre and freelanced at many theaters in the metro area. I won two awards for best set design from the Denver Drama Critics Circle. I have been a muralist and a freelance illustrator for many years including drawing botanical illustrations for Botanical Interests seed company since they opened in 1994. I now teach art to adults through my studio and through classes offered by the cities of Loveland and Longmont. Last summer I painted one of the electric junction boxes for Longmont’s Art in Public Places; it is located at the SW corner of 11th & Kimbark Streets. I just finished designing a mural for Longmont’s Public Library, which will be painted later this year.”

Donna’s own work will be featured in our art exhibit and she will be teaching a drawing workshop.

Drawing the Body Under the Cosplay

“If you enjoy cosplay or just like to draw it, but need some instruction on how to draw the human figure, including faces, this workshop is for you. You will also learn how to draw fabric, the way it drapes, how to draw footwear, or maybe hats or helmets. I will have colored pencils, and pen & ink, and graphite available in class. You just have to bring your ideas!”

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Roger Echo-Hawk captured Donna performing her magic at the Grey Havens celebration of International Tolkien Reading Day. Watch as she summons a dragon into our Hobbit Hole!





Faramir’s Vision

2015 03 23 Faramir's Vision DHA

I sat at night by the waters of Anduin, in the grey dark under the young pale moon, watching the ever-moving stream; and the sad reeds were rustling. So do we ever watch the shores nigh Osgiliath, which our enemies now partly hold, and issue from it to harry our lands. But that night all the world slept at the midnight hour. Then I saw, or it seemed that I saw, a boat floating on the water, glimmering grey, a small boat of a strange fashion with a high prow, and there was none to row or steer it.

An awe fell on me, for a pale light was round it. But I rose and went to the bank, and began to walk out into the stream, for I was drawn towards it. Then the boat turned towards me, and stayed its pace, and floated slowly by within my hand’s reach, yet I durst not handle it.

A broken sword was on his knee. I saw many wounds on him. It was Boromir, my brother, dead.

from ‘The Two Towers’ by J.R.R. Tolkien

The art of Dan Hollingshead will be featured at the Real Myth and Mithril Symposium on April 25-26. Beautiful cards and prints will also be available for purchase. Register now to get the best admission price for this two-day event!