Callie, Grey Havens YA Member

I want this group to be everywhere so, even if I am in college or I am not in Colorado, I can go. –Callie

 Marie, Grey Havens YA Parent

Please know that we love you and are so grateful for you. Thank you for accepting [my child] and encouraging his imagination and creativity. We are so blessed to be a part of your organization.

Jennifer, Grey Havens YA Member

The Grey Havens YA group has made such a large impact on my life. When I attend the meetings I see things in perspectives that I never would have thought about if it was not for our diverse group. And I mean that in a good way! Grey Havens YA has come so far and to see everything that we have done, it is truly inspirational. I always love attending the meetings because I get a chance to share fandom moments with people who actually understand what it is like to point at that Doctor Who bumper sticker in the middle of a lane of traffic and say, “Their other vehicle is a TARDIS? The Doctor is here! He must be! I would love to see him!” (I might say that to some of my other friends but they would give me a strange look and ask me if I really do need to see a “doctor”.)

My second favorite part of the meetings? The slogo, I honestly do believe with all of my two hearts (haha), that “Being a nerd is not about what you love; it is about how you love it!” Grey Havens YA is such an amazing group. I do not know what I would do without it in my life.

Helen, Grey Havens YA Parent

THANK YOU! You are a wonderful group of people who really make a positive influence. I am grateful for all that Grey Havens YA has done to make the middle school years positive for [my child].

Joe, Grey Havens YA Parent

This is a phenomenal group. I cannot express the joy I feel watching them interact with each other and the community. Such energy..passion…and creativity! This is a group worth donating to!!!

Kate Merrell, Teen Librarian at Lafayette Public Library

We love having Grey Havens present at our library!  They are organized, enthusiastic, and a ton of fun! My favorite part of the event was watching a disparate group of teens that came in as quiet and shy small batches turn into one large group, all having fun together.  Teens that started the night as strangers stayed after the formal programming to play board games and chat.  Kelly and Robyn are phenomenal at creating an inclusive atmosphere where all are welcome, accepted and supported in a fun-filled event.

Susie DeSersa, Librarian at Carbon Valley Regional Library

I cannot say enough good things about the Grey Havens YA group! Robyn, Kelly, and the teens bring their enthusiasm and expertise to every project and are such a joy to work with. The YA book recommendations panel at ReadCon 2015 was a very well-attended program and all of the presenters did a fantastic job of book-talking such a large variety of titles and genres. Additionally, we have received nothing but glowing praise for the Harry Potter Yule Ball. Both staff and attendees alike were amazed by the level of detail and creativity that Grey Havens YA put into this program. Kelly and Robyn are always so incredibly responsive and quick to answer any questions that I might have and their ability to brainstorm unique and fun activities for every program is almost magical. We are looking forward to many, many more partnerships with Grey Havens YA in the future!

Ann Macca, Curator of Community Education at Longmont Museum

We have been privileged and delighted to work with Grey Havens! We hosted an amazing summer camp run by Grey Havens and their volunteers that was so well received that I am still getting messages from parents about what a great time their kids had! Additionally we worked together on a Cultural Resources and Geek Fair that was a huge success! We look forward to future partnerships!”

Stant Litore

The Grey Havens Group is a collection of all those quirky, nerdy, talented, and largely invisible children who each sat alone on the grade school bus frantically turning the pages of The Fellowship of the Ring, their palms sweating as Gandalf faced off with the Balrog on that slender bridge over the dark. And those children, for whatever reason, kept reading and reading and never quite kicked the habit. It had to have been the Balrog. In fact, I’m fairly sure it was the Balrog. And then all those quirky, nerdy, wonderful children grew up and stumbled into each other and decided to get together and help more children — and young adults — get excited about reading. Especially about Balrogs. And that’s the Grey Havens Group.