Stant Litore

The Grey Havens Group is a collection of all those quirky, nerdy, talented, and largely invisible children who each sat alone on the grade school bus frantically turning the pages of The Fellowship of the Ring, their palms sweating as Gandalf faced off with the Balrog on that slender bridge over the dark. And those children, for whatever reason, kept reading and reading and never quite kicked the habit. It had to have been the Balrog. In fact, I’m fairly sure it was the Balrog. And then all those quirky, nerdy, wonderful children grew up and stumbled into each other and decided to get together and help more children — and young adults — get excited about reading. Especially about Balrogs. And that’s the Grey Havens Group.

Becky Dillon

GHG is one of the most enthusiastic, supportive, and creative Tolkien Smials on the planet! Their outreach and activities make them bright stars in the Tolkien Universe!

Donna Clement

GHG is my new family. A family where I don’t have to worry about being myself, a nerdy, sci-fi and fantasy book lover. A welcoming and accepting place where no one thinks I am weird for reading the Lord of the Rings for the 6th time.

Andrea Mathwich

GHGroupies are seekers first, and for some reason we find many of the answers to our questions in Tolkien’s works. When we meet with another Tolkien lover, we feel as if we have reconnected with an old childhood friend. And in one sense we truly have!

Bill Kelso

There once was a group called Grey Havens,
Reading Tolkien, and Barfield, and Gaiman.
They meet and discuss,
And disagree much,
Shaping moments of pure Sub-Creation.