Our Values

Grey Havens Group Inc’s values are literacy, imagination, community, and inclusion! Read on to find out what those words mean to us. 


Literacy is an enthusiasm for learning from all sources–books, visual art, music, nature, and each other. Literacy is about reading the world! We create environments where this kind of enthusiasm is the norm.

rj owen jennifer


Nothing was ever made by human hands or realized in the intellect that was not first conceived of in the imagination. We encourage our program participants to appreciate and use imagination across all disciplines.

hogwarts prep


Through our literary and philosophical discussions, we create communities of people who connect with and care about each other.  We are a fellowship.



Grey Havens is a safe place—a  haven—for everyone who walks through our doors or participates in our programs.


Because we believe that philosophy is a way of life, we are always examining our values and finding news ways to live them in our work. Here are some guidelines we created to help us remember what kind of people we strive to be.

Be a Hermione! Hermione Granger protects the rights of others and stands up for herself and the truth. We want to be like Hermione! We not only strive to maintain a fully inclusive table at all of our discussions, we actively seek to welcome those who have historically been marginalized in other spaces.

two hermiones

Be a Samwise! Samwise Gamgee safeguards his community and nature. We want to be like Samwise! We cherish our home, both the whole Earth and our gorgeous corner of it along Colorado’s Front Range. We seek to honor the needs of our community in all we do. We practice humility in the face of our planet’s long history and delicate environmental balance. 


Be Kirk, Spock, AND McCoy (or Janeway, Tuvok, and Neelix)! We believe that inclusion means the ability to bring one’s whole self to the table. Empathy, imagination, self-awareness, humor—all these are kinds of intelligence that are as valuable to a community and an individual as analytical skills. Our discussions provide people with tools to cultivate all their best qualities!

tuvok neelixjaneway-captain-janeway-fan-club-17344295-1024-768 ksm1
We hope that you will join us for a discussion soon!


Check out our Philosophy in Public Spaces calendar and our Community Pages to learn more.

The young adults of Grey Havens YA live our values, too! 

“A star shines on the hour of our meeting.”

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