Meet Our Board!

Grey Havens Group Board Members

Dr. Elisha Conant, Board President

elisha board photo

Elisha Conant has been a member of the Grey Haven Group since 2012. She has been active in many aspects of the non-profit association, from participation in community events to the organization of key Grey Havens literacy activities. Dr. Conant is a strong believer in the importance of family literacy,  community organization, and imagination. She was previously on the board of Dr. Watson’s Neglected Patients, a scion of the Baker St. Irregulars in Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Conant currently works as a Clinical Psychologist in Boulder, CO, with a focus on family and children.

Ivona Elenton, Vice President


Ivona Elenton is a Swede who once partook in a prestigious writing program as one of only thirty in the whole country. After that she stopped writing for a long time. Her first North American publication appeared recently in The Pedestal Magazine. She is an historian, archivist and future paralegal who loves tea, literature, gaming, popular and geek culture. She drives a blue beetle bug named Mymble full of stickers representing her passions.

Ivona is a long-time Tolkienist who has been active in several Tolkien Societies in different countries. She served on the board of the Uppsala Tolkien Society in Sweden for eight years, and is an active member of several local book/literacy groups.

Beverly Laroe, Secretary

bev bio picBeverly is currently Office Manager for Community Infant Program and has worked for Mental Health Partners a nonprofit corporation serving the mental health community in Boulder County for twenty-seven years.  Previous to this, she worked for the Midwest Children’s Home in Longmont Colorado until it’s closing in 1988. Beverly writes, “My interest in Tolkien started when I was in fifth grade when my teacher read The Fellowship of the Ring to our class.  I have been a part of Grey Havens Group since December, 2014.”

Juli Scrivner, Treasurer

Juli is our financial wizard. She is a retired accountant with 35 years of experience in budgeting and financial reporting. She is very grateful to use her skills to support this amazing organization.

Roxanne Brown, Grey Havens YA Representative

Brown, Roxanne NRoxanne Brown, more commonly known as Xan, is one of the founding members of the Grey Havens YA pilot group. She was inspired to join after attending a Fandoms Unite event, and being part of about 30 different fandoms, it was a perfect fit! Xan’s love for fandom and geek culture started at the age of five, when she watched the original Star Wars trilogy. Because of Grey Havens YA, Xan has written essays defending the merit of books and against Banned Books. Xan was also on the GHYA panel at Denver Comic Con last year. She writes: “Grey Havens has had such a big impact on my life these past 3 years. I’m not sure if my college path of studying Astronomy and English would be the same had it not been for this amazing, inclusive atmosphere every Saturday.”

Charlie Krinsky, Board Member at Large

charlie k

Charlie joined the Grey Havens Group in Jan of 2011 after the group’s founder, Kelly Cowling, saw him in front of Barbed Wire Books and lassoed him. He has been a Tolkienophile since he was 15 in 1974 when he discovered The Hobbit in the Cheyenne, Wyoming Library.

This is what Charlie has to say about why the Grey Havens Group mission is important to him:  “At first, I simply enjoyed the book discussion groups and ignored the other programs/events. Then, one fateful day, I heard Kelly’s Kmart Vision* and realized there is more here than simply entertainment. I was hooked. Her Vision was an awe-inspiring thunderclap to me.  I am now very humbled and honored to be a part of this worthy cause for literacy, and most importantly the cause of the Imagination!” “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”   Albert Einstein

*Charlie is a firm believer in The “K-Mart Vision” — “a completely non-diabolical dream of, one day, taking over an abandoned mega-store to turn it into a center for the critical enjoyment of books and the imagination, a place for deep, philosophical discussion, hobbit-like celebrations and as much nerdines as any former K-Mart can hold!”

Joe Ashworth, Board Member at Large

JoeJoe Ashworth currently works as an Air Traffic Controller assigned as a Quality Control Staff Support Specialist locally here in Longmont at Denver Center. Read his full bio here. He has worked with the Boy Scouts of America since 1998 and currently he is the co-advancement chair of Longmont Troop 65 and a Brotherhood member of the Boy Scout’s Order of the Arrow. In his spare time, he enjoys working with computers, computer programming, and tinkering with computer related technologies.  He still enjoys picking up a Sci-Fi book from time to time.

In his own words: “I have watched my children in Grey Haven’s YA since it was formed. They are great readers and it was fantastic to see them excited about the different fandoms. The Grey Havens YA is a good match for them as it pulls them into being creative, social, analytical, and of course encourages more reading! Not just reading but discussing and understanding what they are reading. I have since seen this is true with the adults in Grey Havens as well as the splinter groups! I absolutely love the passion and joy each of these members exhibit when they go to their meetings or diving into a project and I see this with all the volunteers as well! I am honored being given the opportunity to nurture this collectively as a Board Member.”

Donna Clement, Alternate Board Member

18361547_10211491649359731_1359906960_n Donna has been very fortunate to be able to work in the field of art her entire career. She earned her BFA at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and her MA at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. Her Thesis is titled Teaching Adult Students Who Are Apprehensive About Making Art.  Donna has been a muralist and a freelance illustrator for many years including drawing botanical illustrations for Botanical Interests seed company since they opened in 1994. She now teaches art to adults through her studio and through classes offered by the cities of Loveland and Longmont.

You can see Donna’s art in Longmont! Check out the electric junction box located at the SW corner of 11th & Kimbark Streets and her mural for the Longmont Public Library.

Bill Kelso, Board Member at Large

Bill_KelsoBill has been a book lover for about as long as he’s been able to read.  He loves books because of the possibilities they offer for experiencing the world in new ways and for understanding yourself better. He knows that books can literally change your life, if you let them, because many have changed his.

Bill joined the Grey Havens Group about five years ago during a period when he was actively seeking good discussions on good books. He certainly found that at Grey Havens, but he also found much more. He found people like himself, who were truly passionate about literature, literacy, and the power of words to change lives. He also found a host of new friends. Most importantly, he found a sense of community that he didn’t even know he’d been missing.

When he was asked to serve on the Board of Directors, Bill jumped at the chance. He recognized that it was an opportunity to serve the community by helping to spread the message of the power of books, literacy, and inclusion to young people and adults. Bill currently lives in Longmont with his wife, Stacey.

Angela Larson, Community Liaison

Angela Larson has a BFA in Interior Architecture and M.Ed. in Instructional Technology. Angela received the Saint Vrain Valley School District Outstanding School Volunteer of the Year in 2009 and was nominated for the Saint Vrain Valley Education Association Sally Joyce Friend of Education award. She is the busy parent of two Grey Havens YA members but she still finds time to give back to her community through service to Grey Havens Group, Saint Vrain Valley School District, and Stephen Ministry.