Our Mission

Grey Havens Group, Inc. is a Colorado nonprofit that promotes creative and critical thinking through literature and popular culture. We have created a growing, intergenerational community where everyone’s deepest thoughts are cherished! 

We believe in the power of philosophical thinking. Philosophy is a way of life, and it is for everyone!

Our History

The Grey Havens Group was founded in 2010 in Longmont, Colorado. We began as a small book group discussing the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, but we quickly discovered that something very special was happening. Our love and respect for fiction gave us a launching pad for discussing big questions about who we are, how we should live, and the nature of reality. We were engaged in philosophical inquiry, exploring new perspectives and practicing skills, such as critical thinking and civil discourse, that helped us to be more engaged in our community and the world.

Now, we maintain at least seven communities of thinkers of all ages who gather regularly to talk about big ideas. We also continuously expand our reach through our Philosophy in Public Spaces Initiative, a program that makes profound thinking part of the life of our community!

Philosophy Discussions

All of our discussions begin with a text—a chapter from a novel, a scene from a movie, a work of art, or a piece of music. We have a discussion for everyone, whether you are an 8-year-old Harry Potter fan or an 80-year-old art lover. We particularly love to talk about science fiction and fantasy because we believe those stories are great for helping people think in new ways. Don’t worry, though, if you are not quite as geeky as we are. You’ll love the way our conversations expand your horizons!

We believe in thinking deeply about art, literature, and popular culture, rather than passively consuming entertainment. We also believe in celebrating what we love! That is why we host special events like our annual Harry Potter Yule Ball and Tolkien Reading Day.

There are many ways to become part of what we do! Attend one of our philosophy discussions, join one of our book groups, volunteer to assist with a book discussion or camp for kids or teens, or join us for our latest celebration!

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or send us an email at info@greyhavensgroup.org. We look forward to thinking with you!

“A star shines on the hour of our meeting.”