A Letter from Our Executive Director

Hello, everyone!

I’m writing to touch base with all of you about what GHP will be doing in the immediate future. We are committed to continuing to be here for you! We are moving as many of our discussions into online formats as we can, and we’ll be sharing daily philosophy questions on social media because we know that philosophy is even more important in difficult times than when life seems routine. 

Philosophy helps us to think calmly and collaboratively, reminding us of what is important, helping us adjust to change, and suggesting new possibilities. Our discussion participants have come to count on our organization as an antidote to intellectual loneliness, regular-old-loneliness, a world that can be unwelcoming, and the feeling that our lives are too small to matter.

It might seem that COVID-19 is the only important thing in the world right now, but that is not true. Even if the only thing anyone could think about was this virus and making sure the world as we know it endures through our efforts to contain and vaccinate against it, there would still be the matter of what it all means. Together, we are trying to figure out what matters most. That is almost as vital as keeping ourselves safe.

At Grey Havens Philosophy we are extremely reluctant on principle to tell you what to think instead of thinking with you, but I will tell you now from the depths of my mind and the bottom of my heart that, no, this crisis is not the only important thing there is. There are always questions to ask and ideas to wonder at, and that is a very big deal. Please take good care of yourselves and everyone else because you all matter. Meaning also matters very, very much and meaning is what we approach together in our philosophy discussions. 

Keep an eye on our website and social media. We will be announcing lots of ways to think together online. I look forward to talking with you soon!


Kelly Cowling

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