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Grey Havens Philosophy is a Colorado nonprofit that teaches people of all generations to think in ways that are critical, creative, caring, and collaborative. We do this by hosting fun and accessible philosophy discussions throughout our community and beyond. Philosophy is for everyone!

Our COVID-19 Policy

A Letter from Our Executive Director about Philosophy During a Pandemic

Our values are philosophy, imagination, community, and diversity.

Philosophy: We help people explore who they are in relationship to each other and the universe. We believe philosophy is a way of life.

Imagination: Our programs encourage people to imagine a better world and think about how to make it happen. Literature, the arts, and culture are a great way to start philosophical discussions.

Community: The best thinking happens when we think together. That’s why we bring philosophical discussion to as many people and places as possible.

Diversity: We actively seek diverse perspectives. We are only doing our duty as philosophers when as many voices as possible are represented at our table. .

We are all philosophers!