Yun Tinvok!

Learn about the Dovahzul dragon language in this latest post by one of our Grey Havens YA members — and watch the skies, traveler!

Grey Havens YA

(For the purpose of this post, all of the Dovahzul will be in italics.)


Drem yol lok! Kaeon here. This is my first post and I’m excited to show you all what I’ve been up to. I have always been fascinated with learning different languages (for the reason that languages connect us in the first place), and fantasy languages are no exception. As of late, my new language of choice is Dovahzul, or Dovah. Dovahzul is the language spoken (and written) by dragons in the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. After doing some looking online, I found this pretty neat website with a lot of helpful tools such as a translator, dictionary, games and even lessons. (The website is called Thuum. It’s linked if you’d like to see it. I’d recommend it to everyone interested in the language.) But, before I begin, if you wish…

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Author: badgaladriel

Founder of The Grey Havens Group in Longmont, Colorado.

2 thoughts on “Yun Tinvok!”

  1. Fascinating 🙂
    Are you guys going to start any linguistics or conlanging activities with the YA group? I know that’s when I got hooked on it (younger the better)!

    1. It is one of our goals. For now, we are focusing on becoming a 501(C)(3) so that we can get the resources for the conlang group, our gaming group, musical group and everything else our YAs and the larger community want us to do!

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