Grey Havens YA at Denver Comic Con!

Grey Havens YA had an adventure at Denver Comic Con! Maybe next year, the Grey Havens Group will be there, too.

Grey Havens YA

Denver Comic Con 2015 is still partying on, but Grey Havens YA’s panel is now completed! We had a great day on Sunday, and we want to thank everyone for their support and encouragement. The following post includes some fun photos and details about our time at the event. We may be getting more photos later, so keep an eye out on our Facebook page! Enjoy.

wpid-20150524_150103.jpg wpid-20150524_1626342.jpg.jpeg
Kelly and Robyn had fun wandering the exhibit hall until panel time. They had a nasty run in with some storm-troopers, but they managed to get out of it okay, good thing Robyn had her sonic screwdriver!

20150524_183125 wpid-20150524_163422.jpg20150524_183258
We got a few of our audience members to participate in our #ThisIsWhatANerdLooksLike campaign, and we just had to take a photo of our panel name on the fancy electronic schedule!

Grey Havens YA panelists, members, families, and next generation joined us for a…

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Author: badgaladriel

Founder of The Grey Havens Group in Longmont, Colorado.

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