What Is Teaching Worth?

prof tolkien

For more than a year, I have been teaching a weekly class on literature, philosophy, religion, geek culture or any of a number of other topics at our local Senior Center. I do this because, while I believe in the learning model of book discussions so much that I have devoted my life to it, there are times when I just want a chance to tell a bunch of people about all of the stuff that I have cared enough about to learn. I love knowledge. I want to share any knowledge that might have been passed on to me. I love questions. I want to share all the rich, evocative questions I will probably never be able to answer. One thing is certain, I don’t do it for the money.

What is teaching worth? If you calculate the hours of preparation and follow-up for each lesson, teachers throughout the world are paid very little for what they put into their work. If you factor in a lifetime of learning and thinking about the things they teach, the amount they are paid is practically infinitesimal. At the Grey Havens Group and Grey Havens YA, we recognize that the work teachers do is a gift freely given. We would like to offer a very small gift in return.

For all employees of the Saint Vrain Valley School District, admission to our upcoming symposium, Real Myth and Mithril: Delving into Fantasy Literature is completely free. Even lunch is on us. All you have to do is register online then show your SVVSD i.d. at the door. 

National Teacher Appreciation Week is the first full week in May. Teachers everywhere, consider yourselves wholeheartedly appreciated in advance!

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