Millions of Star Trek Fans Can’t Be All Wrong!


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Yesterday, we listened to a lot of Bruce Springsteen during the three-hour drive home from telling some wonderful librarians about our young adult fandom group, Grey Havens YA, and our relationship with Longmont Public Library. I was in the passenger’s seat so I decided to look up novelist Nick Hornby’s essay on Springsteen. It contains this thought about works like Springsteen songs and Hornby novels that are condemned by critics because of their popularity: “…sometimes it’s hard to remember that a lot of people liking what you do doesn’t necessarily mean that what you do is of no value whatsoever. Indeed, sometimes it might even suggest the opposite.”

At Grey Havens YA, we know that being loved by many does not make something trivial. The things is to love what you love but also engage with it critically. As geeks and nerds, that is what we do. We can love art celebrated by millions, like Star Trek, and art that is so obscure you probably haven’t heard of it. What do you think?

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Author: badgaladriel

Founder of The Grey Havens Group in Longmont, Colorado.

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  1. You are absolutely correct! And even if a work isn’t to your personal taste, if it reaches millions, the author must have done something right. So the challenge is not to dismiss the popular work as meaningless, but to study it and try to see what those millions saw in it.

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