Examining the Terms of The Great Divorce: William Van Dusen Presents at Real Myth and Mithril


Clive and George from The Great Divorce by Michael Morris

William Van Dusen in His Own Words:

“I have extensive experience as a professor of philosophy and I have worked as an administrator for a number of colleges and universities.  I have a master’s degree in philosophy from the University of Colorado at Boulder as well as a Juris Doctor degree and an advanced LLM law degree from the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law.  I have over 25 years of teaching experience.

As a professor of philosophy, I have developed curricula and taught courses in a number of areas including Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics, Logic, Philosophy of Religion, Existential Philosophy, Environmental Philosophy, Legal Ethics, Health Care Ethics, and many courses in the legal field.  As a faculty member and an administrator in higher education, I have provided leadership and direction for both instructional and student service departments including philosophy.  I have extensive experience in planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating course curricula including textbook selection, assessing student programs and objectives, and sitting as an active member for various department, division, and college functions.  I have extensive experience in teaching using on-line, traditional, and hybrid delivery systems.  I also have taught non-traditional, eLearning-based, guided independent study courses for colleges and universities throughout the country at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.”

William Van Dusen’s paper will examine the nature of human nature, sin and freedom:

“I will write about the nature of sin.  I will use Kierkegaard’s description of sin from the existential perspective to fully define sin.  I will use C. S. Lewis’ book The Great Divorce to give examples of how sin corrupts and distorts our ability to reasonably evaluate our human condition, especially as it relates to the human spirit.  Since The Great Divorce focuses on the confrontation of sin by a human spirit after death, I, too, will describe the sinful state of human nature after death in terms of the possibility of redemption and release and the difficulty in achieving this freedom while a human spirit is trapped in the warped perspective of sin.”

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