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About Ivona Elonton: 

Ivona Elenton is a Swede who once partook in a prestigious writing program as one of only thirty in the whole country. After that she stopped writing for a long time. Her first North American publication appeared recently in The Pedestal Magazine. She is an historian and archivist who loves tea, literature, and moody men. She currently lives in Colorado with her husband of nine years.

Ivona is a long-time Tolkienist who has been active in several Tolkien Societies in different countries. She has been a dedicated member of the GHG’s Shire Council for several years. At our meetings and events, she adds humor, style, wisdom and a vast amount of knowledge from both ancient cultures and contemporary geek culture. If these qualities appeal to you, follow her excellent blog, The Forbidden Pool.

Ivona Elonton will be moderating a roundtable discussion and a panel at the Real Myth and Mithril Symposium

Tolkien, D&D and Popular Culture

This roundtable will be discussing how Professor Tolkien’s work has influenced Fantasy in general and the world of gaming and D&D specifically, and how this also transfers further into many areas and aspects of popular culture. Topics that we will touch on are: How would modern fantasy creaturs such as elves, halflings and orcs look without Tolkien’s writing, would they even exist? What do video-games have to thank Tolkien for? And what has the rpg genre in general with its adventuring parties/groups/classes taken away from the works of Tolkien? Our Discussion will touch upon everything from tv and film to art and phone apps in popular culture.

Author’s and Writer’s Panel

This panel of of writers will be discussing  topics such as the creative process of writing and the multifaceted road to publication. What pitfalls should be avoided during the creative process? How important is it to find an agent? Is self-publishing a viable option? Topics such as self-motivation, story telling tricks, networking, mentors and simply finding your own time to write among jobs, life and family obligations, will be discussed. The fascinating writers who will be featured in this panel include Stant Litore and T.L. Morganfield.

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