Things as They Are Meant to Be Seen: The Inklings and Aesthetic Theory (A Forgotten Rehearsal)


Did you know that the Grey Havens Group is planning a Real Myth and Mithril Symposium for 2015? We have some very impressive talent lined up for this event. It will be scholarly and fun, interactive and educational, serious and occasionally uproarious. There is nothing like a Real Myth weekend! Best of all, the symposium will launch a year of panels, podcasts and other content that we will be able to make available online to our supporters.

While preparing to teach a short course on the works of C.S. Lewis, I came across something I had forgotten–a recorded rehearsal of a paper I presented at both the last Real Myth Symposium and at Mythcon, the annual conference of the Mythopoeic Society. The topic is the Oxford Inklings and Aesthetic Theory. I and my fellow GHG members sure have learned a lot about creating online content since this 2013 experiment! (Well, to be honest, I am still learning but I have lots of help.) The technical quality of this presentation is not great. In fact, it works best if you advance the slides yourself by clicking on the arrows, but I hope that you will enjoy the content.

This is only one very specific example of the incredibly diverse kinds of papers, panels, discussions and other activities that Grey Havens Group will be bringing you in April. Topics will include myth, fantasy and philosophy along with gaming and fan culture. There will even be a musical performance by the Grey Havens Minstrels and a cosplay fashion show brought to you by the members of Grey Havens YA!

Click here to register for Real Myth. If you register before April 1, the entire weekend will only cost you $15!

Click here to give to our Symposium Fund so that we can continue to bring scholarship and creativity to Boulder County and beyond!

Return soon to this blog for an example of the kind of discussion that makes GHG a wonderful place to learn and laugh together. We hope to see you in April or at any of our many GHG events!

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