2014 in Review: Book Discussion Meetings

What is it like to be a GHYA nerd? A lot like being a GHG nerd, except sometimes without a driver’s license.

Grey Havens YA

Perhaps you have heard that Grey Havens YA is much more than a book group. While that is true, we are also very much a book group. Thinking about and talking about books is at the heart of what we do. Here is a small insight into our first year of Saturday book discussion meetings.

We are all very happy to see each other when we arrive. The first people to arrive cheer as those who come later enter the room and this continues until everyone is ready to begin. We are not sure how this tradition got started but it is great to know that you are welcome.

keeley callie arriving

After what we hope are a few announcements (but, sometimes, they can go on for a while), we dive into the meeting by joining together in our “slogo.” Sonic screwdrivers, wands, lightsabers, Vulcan salutes and, of course, books are raised to…

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Author: badgaladriel

Founder of The Grey Havens Group in Longmont, Colorado.

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