Because It Was Real: The Hobbit films and Fandom’s Problematic Speech

A GHG member’s thoughtful take on fan reaction to Arwen and Tauriel in the Jackson films.

Dominion of the Eye

Peter Jackson’s Hobbit movies have their problems, just as his The Lord of the Rings films before them. Depending on your taste, some of these problems range from merely annoying to intensely problematic. And there are many problems I hear talked about (and have talked about myself) that are intensely problematic. I would like to address one of them today, the romance plot between Tauriel and Kili in The Hobbit film trilogy.

Before I can talk about Tauriel and Kili, I need to talk about Aragorn and Arwen. In The Lord of the Rings films, Arwen was given a larger part for the sake of the romance plot between herself and Aragorn, and also because there are woefully few women in the book. I will never argue against greater representation of women in books or films, and a romance must be well-characterized if you want your audience to care about…

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