A Holiday in the Hobbit Hole

Did you know that Father Christmas has a special watch that allows him to be in many places at one time?

christmas watch

It made it possible for him to make a few pre-Christmas visits to bring cheer to members of the Grey Havens Group. This was one of those visits because wise, old F.C. knows all the places where the holiday spirit is needed most. He also managed to stop by the Grey Havens Hobbit Hole, just in time for our annual holiday potluck. To our delight, he brought along his wife. He affectionately refers to her as Mama Christmas so we did, too!

father and mama christmas

Did you know that Mama Christmas’s laugh is just as jolly as her husband’s…

laughing christmases

…and that, after all these centuries together, they are still very much in love?

christmas kiss

Thank you, Father and Mama Christmas, for reminding us to believe in the magic of the season and in the kind of love that withstands all the seasons. Merry Christmas to all from the Grey Havens Group and the Christmases!

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