The End of an Era?

The more I hear Billy Boyd’s performance of “The Last Goodbye” from the soundtrack of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, the more I love the song and want to learn to sing along with every line. I can’t help imagining how it will feel for many of us to hear Boyd singing over the end credits, knowing that there will likely be no more Tolkien films from Peter Jackson. When the Harry Potter movie series came to an (apparent) end, I was very melancholy and knew that other fans were grieving with me. I don’t feel quite the same way about the Jackson films but those of you who will be taking bittersweet pleasure in The Battle of the Five Armies should know that you can turn to us at the Grey Havens Group for emotional support!

Tell us in comments how you are feeling as the film’s release date approaches then, after you see the movie, return to process your experience with us. There is also likely to be a lot of discussion with lots of complex opinions in our Facebook group. For true lovers of Tolkien’s works, those who return to the books again and again on their own and those who gather together to share their appreciation of his legendarium, I believe that there will be no last goodbye, especially since I feel secure in the knowledge that there will be another generation to take our place.

4 thoughts on “The End of an Era?

  1. It didn’t occur to me to be sad – until I listened to this song and read this post. It will be the end of an era. We wanted them for so long, we finally had them, and now they are very nearly gone. I’m reminded of the words of Legolas at the end of Farewell To Lorien:

    “Alas for us all! And for all that walk the world in these after-days. For such is the way of it: to find and lose, as it seems to those whose boat is on the running stream.”

    (FOTR, Book 2, Ch. 8, pg. 395)

  2. I’m looking forward to the last film, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. They’ve all been great *films.*

    But I’m kinda grateful that this will be the last, because as far as adaptations of Tolkien’s work go, these films have not measured up.

    I am not a movie buff. I am seeing these films as a Tolkien fan. And as a Tolkien fan, I have been deeply disappointed.

    So yeah, I’m not particularly sorry to see it end.

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