Congratulations, Robyn!

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I don’t know if there is anyone who hasn’t heard yet because I have been telling all of Arda but I would like to formally announce that our very own Robyn Bosica is receiving Longmont’s Make Time for Kids Award for her inspired and dedicated work with Grey Havens YA! I can’t put into words how priceless Robyn’s work has been to the members of Grey Havens YA, their families and me. She truly deserves this award but we should all be proud. Grey Havens YA exists because the Grey Havens Group exists, because GHGers have been meeting week after week for four years, finding ways to celebrate and share their love of imaginative literature. Now we know that, when we are all gathered in the Hall of Fire at the Grey Havens Home for Aging Tolkien Fans, there will be a younger generation to visit us!

The awards ceremony is on Friday, November 21. Robyn will be unable to attend because, characteristically, she will be busy making time for kids. This means that I and some Grey Havens YA members will have the honor of meeting with the mayor (who, alas, is not a Gamgee) to accept the award on her behalf. Photos to follow on

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    Our YA members will visit the older Grey Havens members when we are really, really old, right? We can all sit around and watch the 27th incarnation of the Doctor and you can read to us from The Hobbit for the 200th time!

    Stay tuned for more photos and more news about this exciting award!

    1. Congratulations!


      P.S. I love your comment about the Mayor ‘who, alas, is not a Gamgee’. Love it! Hopefully not
      Bad, though, like the Mayor in the first seasons of Buffy. 🙂

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