In Honor of Tolkien Week: Celebrating Middle-earth in Art!

In part 2 of our seven-part series in honor of Tolkien Week, we have a special Artist Spotlight. GHG artist, Donna Clement, has been depicting Middle-earth in her art for many years. She designed the Grey Havens t-shirts for the last two years and created “Accio Nerd,” a multi-fandom design that is featured on the Grey Havens YA blog. Below is the whimsical swan ship logo she created for our group.


Donna also makes it possible for us to feel as if we have stepped across the threshold of Bag End every time we meet for a book discussion. This is the entryway she designed and painted for the Grey Havens Hobbit Hole.


Now, Donna is bringing her Tolkien-inspired vision to all the citizens of our hometown. Her design was selected by popular vote for the Shock Art project from Longmont’s Art in Public Places. Here is an image of the Bag End side of the electrical box Donna painted outside the Boulder County Courthouse. The project is titled “Windows on Other Worlds,” and features other imaginative landscapes in addition to Middle-earth. Longmont residents are as lucky as Bilbo!


In this video, Donna puts the finishing touches on the box with some rhythmic encouragement from her friends in DjO Djembe Orchestra.

If you would like to own an original print of Donna’s work, you can visit her Etsy shop. I have this image of the Gates of Moria on my wall, right next to a gorgeous full-color print featuring Tolkien’s great dragon, Smaug. Treasure, indeed!

Pen & Ink1

Happy Hobbit Day, everyone!

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