22 September for Arda and Beyond

Our Tolkien Week extravaganza continues with a well-researched post from one of our distant members who participates in book group discussions via palantir. (More on GHG Palantir meetings in an upcoming post.) Thank you, tangfairborne, for your fascinating and detailed contribution to our blog!    


Since I volunteered to post for the Tolkien Week activities, it was easy for me to associate myself with 22 September since so much of account occurred on that date in the History of Middle-earth. Re-reading and studying “The Lord of the Rings” as a member of the Saturday Palantir meant more and better history and more and better support. Everyone was surprised at the frequency of the date for diferent reasons, and I list the milestones of some repute here:

  • T.A.2890:
    • Bilbo Baggins is born. Only child to Bungo Baggins and Belladonna Took.
  • T.A.2941:
    • Bilbo and the Dwarves, lead by Thorin Oakenshield, arrive in Lake-town. Bilbo was to become famous as a Burglar in the Defeat of the Dragon Smaug.
  • T.A.2968:
    • Frodo Baggins is born. Only child of Drogo Baggins and Primula Brandybuck. Orphaned at 12 and sent to Buckland Manor until 21 when he moved in with his Cousin Bilbo, who adopted him since he had never married and had no heir.
  • T.A.3001:
    • Bilbo turns 111 and throws the Farewell Party at which he announces his intention to leave the Shire. He leaves behind the One Ring and sets off.
    • Frodo turns 33 and comes of age. He inherits Bag End and all the things Bilbo leaves behind.
  • T.A.3018:
    • TheBlack Riders reach Sarn Ford at evening and drive off the guard of Rangers.
    • Gandalf overtakes Shadowfax.
    • Frodo celebrates his birthday with Fredegar, Merry, Pippin, Sam and Folco. Merry and Fredegar leave for Crickhollow.
    • Boromir travels towards Rivendell to ask for counsel.
  • T.A.3019:
    • Saruman enters the Shire. Called Sharkey by his ruffians, he proceeded to take over the Shire businesses and prey on the greed of the simple folk. Deposed by Frodo and Samwise on their return to Hobbiton.
  • T.A.3021:
    • Frodo and Sam meet the Last Riding of the Keepers of the Rings in Woody End.
    • Bilbo Baggins becomes 131 years old, the longest-lived Hobbit in history.
  • Fo.A. 61:
    • Samwise Gamgee leaves Middle-earth, last of the Ring-bearers. Elanor receives the original “Red Book” prior to Samwise departure at 102; her mother, Rose, having died Mid-Year’s day at 98.


As Frodo and Sam ride through the Shire in 3021, the text tells us that “”the Moon went westward”” above them[1]. According to astronomy, in that date of that year, no moon should have been visible.[2]


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Above information extracted directly from The Tolkien Gateway, http://tolkiengateway.net/wiki/September_22

A Personal Note:

It is interesting to note that many organisations associated with J.R.R. Tolkien and Tolkien Studies were started on this date, as well as the yearly conference held in Oxford, England by the Tolkien Society UK, but the strangest coincidence of this date with the calendar of Middle-earth and the characters there is Mr. Sala Baker. Mr. Baker portrays the imposing figure of Sauron in the prologue and in other extended-version scenes in the films. Sala’s best virtue, however, is that he shares the same birthday as Bilbo and Frodo – 22 September. Happy Birthday, Sala Baker!

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  1. I’m pretty sure it was September 22 when my wife and I met the Grey Havens Group for the first time, the start of what has come to be an enduring and deeply cherished association. It was Hobbit Day, of course. And GHG was celebrating at The Dickens Tavern, a local watering hole. I don’t even remember how I heard about the event. Flyers, probably. I think it struck me as something vaguely literary, which was promising. It was certainly that, and much more. Quite the unexpected party, truth be told!

  2. I also first met The Grey Havens Group for the first time on September 22nd, 2010 I believe – at a cool coffee shop in Gunbarrel… I knew I had found the right group because BadGaladriel talked about Owen Barfield and Clay was the coolest hobbit I’d ever met.

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