In Honor of Banned Books Week: A Call for Posts!

Your challenge? To contribute your thoughts on challenged and banned books!

Grey Havens YA


This year, Banned Books Week takes place September 21 through the 27th. You can find out more information and view a list of Banned and Challenged classics by clicking this link. Did you know that both The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are on that list? In preparation for Banned Books Week, I’d like to call on my Grey Havens YA members to be a part of this event! There are two ways you can contribute:

1. The American Library Association is hosting a Banned Books Virtual Read-Out. You can film yourself reading a passage from a banned book and/or talking about a banned or challenged book that you love and why it would be awful if no one else got to read that book. Please click the link for more information. If you are interested in filming but don’t have the ability/don’t want to do it…

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Author: badgaladriel

Founder of The Grey Havens Group in Longmont, Colorado.

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