Imagination Failure Averted, Sir

[Do you know how, sometimes, you start a blog with the best of intentions but, after post or two, the blog just ends up collecting cyber-cobwebs? Well, this is a post from one of those dusty, old blogs. Looking at it again, it contains a lot of Inklings-related themes, including Coleridge’s concept of esemplastic thinking, something that was particularly important to Owen Barfield.]


Watched: Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 5, Episode 23, “I, Borg”



Synopsis: The title of this beloved episode is presumably a play on Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot and, perhaps it is not even necessary to say, it was the inspiration for the title of this blog. The Enterprise crew discovers a Borg crash site with a single survivor, a young male drone who needs assistance from Dr. Crusher if he is to go on surviving. Crusher, the doctor who, in Season 1, revived a group of long-dead Twentieth-century humans without so much as consulting her captain, persuades Picard to bring the drone on board for repairs.

Back on board, Picard shuts down Troi’s somewhat graphic attempt to provoke an admission that he is still traumatized by his abduction by the Borg then quickly comes up with a plan to program the rescued drone as a weapon to…

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2 thoughts on “Imagination Failure Averted, Sir

  1. Fascinating essay – very interesting, however, I don’t pretend to understand most of it.:-) I need a lecture from Kelly on this topic (Inklingsiana?!?!) with a long question and answer session. 🙂

    • Thanks, Charlie! I am teaching a class at the Longmont Senior Center that covers Coleridge and class called The History and Culture of Science Fiction on Television. I would love to see you there but it would also be fun to have an Inklingsiana on the topic of imagination!

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