The Great Tom Bombadil Debate!

Who or what is Tom Bombadil? Could he be Ilúvatar? Aulë? One of the Maiar? And what about Goldberry? According to the Professor, Bombadil was written to be intentionally enigmatic. But there are many clues in the text that suggest his true identity is specific and definable. Are the clues false or real? If they are real, where do they lead?

The Grey Havens Group met recently to discuss Chapter 7 of The Fellowship of the Ring, “In the House of Tom Bombadil”. The discussion featured a spirited debate between two GHG members, both of whom made compelling and well-researched arguments. (Full disclosure: the author of this post was one of the two members.) Were we able to settle the Tom question once and for all? Listen to the podcast of the meeting below and decide for yourself!

Meeting of The Grey Havens Group – 5/22/2014

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