Featured Artist: Dan Hollingshead

Dan Hollingshead is a Grey Havens Group member and gifted artist whose images have been enriching our visions of Middle-earth for some time now. His painting, Sailing to Valinor, hangs in the hobbit hole where we meet for our weekly Tolkien discussions. It is easy to forgive our members who sometimes become lost in its waves and lose track of the conversation. We were also privileged to witness some of the creation of  Dan’s Frodo Walking Under Starlight, a painting that is earning quite a reputation beyond our little group. Now, Frodo Walking Under Starlight is available as a poster. Thank you, Dan, for making your work accessible to Tolkien fans around the world!

Click here to read about Dan Hollingshead’s inspiration and purchase a poster of Frodo Walking Under Starlight.

frodo walking under starlight drawing


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