Longmont Library Is Where Fandoms Unite!

Look at what Grey Havens YA got up to in January!

Grey Havens YA

On Saturday, January 11 at Longmont Library After Dark, Grey Havens YA hosted its monthly Fandom Unite! event. Here, YA members and friends gathered for some trivia, a caption contest, some fabulously geeky crafts AND to record a now-classic version of the Doctor Who theme with lyrics!

Original music by Murray Gold, lyrics by Dan Rider, end slogan by Wil Wheaton, additional sound effects and extremely convincing English accents by Grey Havens YA members, friends and volunteers. Recording equipment provided by the Longmont Youth Center.

Download Grey Havens YA WhoRock HERE for free!



Here is the recipe for our cosmic glitter slime. Don’t expect yours to turn out exactly like ours did. I’m afraid we went all mad scientist for a while. (No jokes about giant sneezes, please).

glitter slime*

fandom crafts cropped


If you are in grades 6-12, I hope that you will join us at Longmont Public Library on the…

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Author: badgaladriel

Founder of The Grey Havens Group in Longmont, Colorado.

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