What Geeky Name Would YOU Give Your Punk Band?

spock rock

The Grey Havens Group hosts several Facebook groups and other social media accounts. One of these, Nerd Life Is the Good Life, is the place where we contemplate and celebrate all things nerdy and geeky. Sometimes, the celebration part takes an unexpected form. This week, we imagined that we had just started our own punk band and, of course, we had to give it a name taken from a classic geeky reference. Here are the names we came up with, listed according to inspiration.

In space, no one can hear you scream.


Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation:

Ugly Bags of Mostly Water (badgaladriel)

Spectre of the Gun (pipeweedjesus)

The Sex Phasers (pipeweedjesus)

Savage Curtain (badgaladriel)

You May Now Give Birth (Eddie)



The Browncoats (Stant)

Browncoats Forever (Stant)

Pretty Floral Bonnets (Shamela)

The Train Job (Eddie)

The Special Hell (Blaidd)

(I suggested Big Damn Heroes but it turns out that this is actually the name of an alternative country band.)



Castiel’s Children (pipeweedjesus)

The Winchesters (pipeweedjesus)

Salt and Burn (Blaidd)


Doctor Who:

Two Shadows (Blaidd)

Blaidd Drwg (badgaladriel)

The Vortex Manipulators (badgaladriel)

The Black Guardians (badgaladriel)

doc band


Oota Goota (Leif)

Soylent Green (Lisa)

oota goota

Leave your own suggestions for band names in comments or join the discussion on Nerd Life!

star wars punk

(Star Trek Band Image Source)
(Doctor Who Band Image Source)
(Star Wars Band Image Source)

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