What hero would you be on Valentine’s Day?

The perfect Valentine’s Day reflection for adventure lovers!

The Forbidden Pool

I have a theory about little girls reading. Particularly little girls reading classic heroic tales. Because it is (from a longitudinal perspective) a fairly recent phenomenon to have female heroines that aren’t sidekicks in stories, little girls reading the truly classical classics – you know, the ones where 96% of the heroes are guys, those little girls have the weirdest literary crushes.

When it comes to little boys, it’s pretty straight forward, the little boy wants to be the hero. He envisions himself as Robin Hood or a misunderstood but heroic Peter Parker, or perhaps a valiant Aragorn. Or, some little boys who are more “realistic dreamers” (seemingly an oxymoron, I know…) envision themselves being wingmen to these guys, or variations of these guys, like maybe not the Batman, but a Bruce Wayne sort of character in their own story.


You want to be me little boy? Sure! No need…

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2 thoughts on “What hero would you be on Valentine’s Day?

    • I can agree with you that the numbers are probably shrinking, but those big hero icons are still ingrained in our brains and culture without having to be read, and those icons are still mostly male.

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