A Grey Havens Discussion of The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug

On a recent dark and chilly evening in the Longmont Shire, several members of The Grey Havens Group met at the Barbed Wire hobbit hole to discuss the new Peter Jackson film, The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug. Although we intended to record the proceedings for the benefit of absent friends, the first quarter hour or so was lost due to faulty recording magic employed by the undersigned. (Technological wizardry has never been my strong point.) The good news is we got almost all the good stuff. If you are so inclined, click below to listen in.

Grey Haveners discuss The Desolation of Smaug

The first voice you hear is that of resident Tolkien scholar and shaman, talelmarhazad, delivering a brief but fascinating summary of the history of the writing of the Hobbit. A spirited and good-natured debate ensues, involving the entire group.  Although one or two members, including myself, express views reflecting something less than complete adoration of the film, it soon becomes obvious that such opinions do not represent the group consensus. Local mage Charlie Krinsky, Katy Flynn the Fair, Dyhrddrdh the Young and Brave, Linda the Light-Bearer, and Beth the Most Resplendent all speak eloquently in defense of Peter Jackson’s newest creation. In the end, several members express a desire to see the film again (again including me),  giving rise to the excellent suggestion that we organize a second group outing to do so.

Winter solstice celebrations are traditionally a time to reflect, give thanks, and gather with friends to celebrate the birth of hope and new light in the land. While such was not the stated purpose of our meeting, everyone took advantage of the opportunity to greet friends old and new, exchange laughter and stories of the season, and break bread together.  (Although in this case the bread was actually a curious – and quite possibly magical – mixture of Cheetos and popcorn supplied by Charlie the Wise and Mysterious).

Although the second Hobbit movie is not one of my favorites (not yet, anyway), I can hardly wait for the third one to come out so we can all get together for another discussion!

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