The Evolutionary Theology of Owen Barfield, by badgaladriel

On September 23, badgaladriel favored Grey Havens members with a talk on her favorite Inkling, Owen Barfield. Her presentation was both thoughtful and inspirational. The thesis, that Barfield believed in a co-evolutionary process between language and consciousness leading toward reunion with the Creator, is worthy of not just one book but several. Yet badgaladriel managed to summarize Barfield’s ideas clearly and powerfully in something less than 90 minutes. Therein lies the thoughtfulness. The inspiration was apparent in the immediate consensus of all who attended that they simply must hear more.
If you weren’t able to make it to the meeting, you can hear badgaladriel’s talk in its entirety here:

Please note: The talk was unscripted and conversational. It is presented here entirely unedited.

2 thoughts on “The Evolutionary Theology of Owen Barfield, by badgaladriel”

  1. Thanks, pipeweedjesus, for posting this! My favorite parts of the evening were the conversational ones. I had come off a trying day, though, so I apologize for any muddy information, an incorrect century or two and calling the “double Yod” in the Hebrew alphabet “two little marks” or something like that. Very embarrassing but I loved getting at some of the basics of Barfield’s theories. 🙂 It was a great evening and I hope others from GHG will share in a similar way.

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