Flood Relief Update

GHG Flood Relief

We continue to receive donations for flood relief. Here is our plan so far for the funds. We will be donating to a member’s relative whose home was devastated by the flood. Another of our members, who will not be able to return home for many months, will be in need of linens and other essential household items that were lost when her home was flooded. We will be going on a shopping trip when the time is right. Finally, a third member has spent a great deal of money, not to mention time and talent, feeding relief workers and volunteers. We will help to defray some of the costs of this.

I do not think that any funds will be left after this but, with donations still coming in, you never know. Please let us know if you are aware of ways we can help. All of the money we receive will be used to help our community recover from the floods.

Because we are a group of booklovers, we have also instituted another plan, a way that you can help even if you are not able to assist financially at this time. In any disaster, there are always items lost that can never be replaced. Treasured volumes, with favorite passages marked, notes in the margins and other signs of love, are among those items but you can help our members and friends to replenish libraries that were depleted by the floods. Just take your used books, audiobooks, comic books, CDs, DVDs and even video and tabletop games to Barbed Wire Books at 504 Main Street in Longmont. Let Kathe, Tessa or Kim know that you would like the credit to go to the Grey Havens Flood Relief Project. If you lost books during the flood, the credit is yours to use at any time! Join our Facebook group to watch the fund grow!

Remember that Barbed Wire Books prides itself on high standards in what it accepts so gently used items are preferred. Any items of interest to GHG members that are not accepted can be donated to our lending library instead.

This is a very personal effort on our part. We are grateful to all of you who have helped and continue to help and are amazed at the creative ways you have found to do so. It is wonderful to be able to do something, anything, useful in times like this. Thank you to all our members and friends both old and new! A special thank you to author, Stant Litore, who came up with the plan to raise funds for flood relief and who has been extraordinarily generous in contributing!

osse appeasement party

Ossë Appeasement Gathering, 9/16/13

2 thoughts on “Flood Relief Update

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  2. On Monday night, September 16, on my way to the Grey Havens special observance for victims of the Colorado flood disaster, I stopped at Barbed Wire Books to visit with my friend Kathe. She was looking at aerial photos with one of her neighbors. They live in a small country town near Longmont. Kathe told me that she and several others discovered a destroyed diversion outlet on a very active waterway, and they got a backhoe and fixed it. This act, performed in the middle of a rainy day on the shore of a raging new river, saved a lot of people in Longmont from major flooding – including my neighborhood. But some of Kathe’s neighbors suffered tremendous damage. Next time you visit downtown Longmont, stop at Barbed Wire Books and maybe you will glimpse an unsung hero!

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