The Return Journey

Here is a clever piece of Tolkien-inspired fiction from Owen who just turned eleven. Owen is still a little disappointed that he did not get his letter from Hogwarts but we know that he has many adventures ahead of him. One day, Owen might meet a wizard who leaves a mysterious mark on his front door or maybe he will receive an inheritance that changes everything!

The Return Journey


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“My dear Frodo of course there was adventure and peril on the way back home.” said Bilbo. “After all the wild was still the wild.” Then Bilbo  got up from his armchair and walked to the cupboard. (It was time for elevensies!) As Bilbo was getting some wine, Frodo called out “wait, what happened  on the way back!”
“Frodo why don’t we save those stories for another day” Bilbo said.  For he was terribly hungry  and knew how impolite it was to talk with food in your mouth.
“Oh please!” Frodo pleaded. “just one story!”
Bilbo sighed “ alright then one story, meet on my bed and I’ll tell you a tale…”
An hour later, Frodo curled up in his own bed happily. Bilbo had just finished  telling him the story about his adventures coming home. It turns out after Beorn left Bilbo and Gandalf  they encountered some goblins again. These goblins had been in the 2nd line of the 2nd attack in the battle of 5 armies.The horror they experienced is beyond words. Quickly after the first arrow storm they cowered into the mountains. (For those Elvish arrow heads could pierce even the mightiest armour!) The leader of these cowardly goblins was one of the ugliest of Middle Earth. He had a furrowed brow and a terrible  bald head covered with dried blood from his many battles. His name was Gourge. The others were also ugly as goblins always are. They carried rusty broken blades of fallen soldiers. The goblins sniggered and sneered as they cornered the wizard and Bilbo. Unfortunately Gandalf had left his stalf half a mile back at camp. As you may guess these goblins had quite the appetite considering they had been eating disgusting mushrooms from a cave for two weeks. They quickly  ate half of Bilbo and Gandalf’s provisions. While they were gorging on the food Bilbo slyly threw their weapons in a river. Weaponless, Gandalf easily took on the goblins with his Elvish blade foe-hammer. Three stayed to fight and were quickly killed, their dead bodies rolled into the deep dark cave. The rest ran into the river only to drown… They restocked in the Hidden Valley. (Bilbo went on and on about the food that was there!)  After the tale Frodo said “ how I long to go on an adventure like you uncle!” Bilbo then chuckled and responded  “maybe someday Frodo, Maybe”…..

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