Hobbit Holiday 2012

The Grey Havens Group shared its love of Middle-earth with a whole new generation by hosting Hobbit Holiday: A Celebration for Young Hobbits and Their Families. We had costumed characters (including our very own Bilbo Baggins!), a riddle contest with prizes and snacks to please the hungriest of hobbits. The event took place at the Longmont Public Library.

gollum impersonation

This four-year-old did the best Gollum impersonation we have ever heard!

Click here for an article and video from the Longmont Times Call about the event. Click here for a gallery of event photos from The Boulder Daily Camera.

Hobbit Holiday 9 December 2012

November 29, 2012:

All hands on the Holodeck!  Tolkien set Middle-earth in the distant past, but on this evening some Grey Havens mariners decided to set sail into the future.  While some members met to discuss The Hobbit, others attended a special showing of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season Two, “Q-Who” and “The Measure of a Man.”  Grey Havens issues passports to far horizons of every kind!

Live Long and Prosper!

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