Dangerous “Awesomeness”

In Reodwyn’s first post on her new blog, The Forbidden Pool, she dives beneath the surface of the terms “nerd” and “geek” and grasps at the slippery fish of gender status, cultural elitism, and the arrogance of male supremacism.  Gazing over her shoulder into these perilous waters, we glimpse a contemplative rippling of passion and attitude.  We see criss-crossing echoes of all the overlapping magic circles that draw us onward into selfhood.  In these circles, as Reodwyn suggests, it is beautiful to play, to expand, to discuss.  In this way, we hope to “spread the awesomeness.”  Go ahead… take a swim, if you dare!

Forbidden Pool


Author: talelmarhazad

Talelmarhazad is a member of the Grey Havens Group. His mother was from Numenor and his father was of the folk of Agar, and he holds the strange belief that people should be treated kindly and with courtesy.

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