Finding Wandering Paths

It is always worthwhile to compare ideas and perspectives with others about things that matter to us.  This is the essential logic behind a book review.  And all who visit this blog know of our fellow traveler, Ilverai, and have noted his contributions to our explorations of the Tolkien legendarium.  But not everyone may be aware of his own interesting blog, Wandering Paths.  Those Middle-earth wanderers who appreciate the insights of Owen Barfield and Verlyn Flieger will surely want to spend time reviewing Ilverai’s review of Splintered Light.

Grey Havens Hike 21 August 2011
Grey Havens at Heil Ranch

Author: talelmarhazad

Talelmarhazad is a member of the Grey Havens Group. His mother was from Numenor and his father was of the folk of Agar, and he holds the strange belief that people should be treated kindly and with courtesy.

One thought on “Finding Wandering Paths”

  1. Thanks for the support. As implied in my post I really struggled writing this one, there is entirely too much food for thought in this one! I’m hoping to find a copy of Poetic Diction under the tree this year…as I’m sure it will become yet another matter for intense study.

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