A Poem by Liritar Taur’ohtar

Bowhunting this month in the Wild of the World, feeling mindful and contemplative, Liritar sends us a poem composed several days after finding and shooting a bear:

Wind in the face
Smell him first
Then hear
Then see
Calculate Distance, wind, terrain, bushes, trees, trajectory in an instant
Time slows
Heart races
Number one arrow nocked and drawn
When did that happen
I can hear him breathe
See his chest expand
Nothing else
Visualize slip between the ribs through heart lungs
Near front leg steps forward, exposing
Arrow is away before I realize
Getting dark
Dead bear
Perfect shot

One day in the Wild

Author: talelmarhazad

Talelmarhazad is a member of the Grey Havens Group. His mother was from Numenor and his father was of the folk of Agar, and he holds the strange belief that people should be treated kindly and with courtesy.

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