Lost Wind Sailor Lake

Lost Wind Sailor Lake

Under the banner of a magic ship
we gather to kindle a strange light

lonely wayfarers, wandering folk
whatever fears we bring with us

what will we choose to pass on
in our slowly unfolding epic tale

if this is where gentle hands
have woven very soft spells

into our mostly new versions
of the vast unraveling

of these incessant there &
back agains, & so

we will wish for friendship
to fill the sails in our stories

with mysterious fire, our pale
transparent fabric, everyone

everyone is welcome here
all the joy and all the suffering

finding our way under the hour
of another shining star

I guess I might have slept
it certainly felt like dreaming

yes I dreamed one evening
of magic animals on the street

a woman very wisely
set one enchanted creature

beside another, little avatars
of optimism in this journey

and a man spoke in the dark
wishing to remind her of

our effortless sense of hope
our effortless destinations:

“The Lost Wind Sailor Lake”

at the edge of a forgotten sea
east of the Blue Mountains

it made sense to assemble
the other side of elsewhere

a shimmering of silver starlight
that lit our way as we wandered

shining with our miraculous
sublime rumors in those days

“articulating a cosmology”
an aesthetic of the journey

it will bring us near enough
to almost see the pretty signal

of bonfires becoming beautiful
along the parapets of castles

when we listen to the curve
of our echoing magic circle

and if we strike our tents
and if we abandon our ships

if we withdraw from the piers
at the end of the myth

what shall we pass on together
if not the way we faced our fears

Lost Wind Sailor Lake

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  1. Grey Havens has certainly helped me to face my fears. In fact, it is good to be reminded at this very moment, as I prepare to go off and do something challenging, that I will always have Grey Havens as a safe harbor. Thank you very much for this!!

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