In spite of what I wrote in my last post about being pleased to have a second Hobbit movie to look forward to, this proposed plan seems to be taking things too far! What do you think? Is there a way to see this, if it happens, as anything other than a mercenary move? Is it possible that Jackson has always been itching to film material from the appendices and the success of his first three Tolkien films made it possible for him to use The Hobbit film to get the job done?

Also, since many of my posts are on the subject of art, I can’t resist posting a link to this masterpiece.

2 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. If anybody can spin a beautiful tale and translate it on film, it’s Peter Jackson. He is a high quality filmmaker that stays true to Tolkien. I know that The Hobbit will be great no matter how movies it takes to make it.

  2. I’m just not sure. Visually, Jackson’s LotR seemed perfect to me but there were aspects of the story and characterization that I did not like. Still, I truly want to see the appendices filmed. I want to see all of Tolkien’s work realized on film but might be happier if the appendices and The Silmarillion appeared as excellent fan-made films like Born of Hope and Hunt for Gollum or even as professionally produced prequels or sequels rather than as scenes worked into The Hobbit. I am reserving judgment, though, and am happy to have any Tolkien-themed material to see at the cinema. The most important aspect of these films for me is that they provide fans with an opportunity to gather and celebrate what they love.

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